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Majorana, J., Rouech, K., VanDeusen, E. A., & Hoffman, H. H. (2023). Building a thriving virtual faculty writing group. The Journal of Faculty Development, 37(1), 1-9.

Kipp, A., & Hoffman, H. (2022). Influence of adolescent religious experiences on faith decisions in college. Journal of Religion and Society, 24, 1-15.

Rouech, K.E., VanDeusen, B.A., Hoffman, H.H., Majorana, J.C. (2021, September 30). Five tips for launching an online writing group. The Scholarly Teacher.

Ph.D. Department of Human Development and Child Studies, Oakland University, December 2008. Early Childhood Education An Examination of the Use of Humor in Early Childhood Special Education Settings.

M.A. Department of Educational Administration and Community Leadership, Central Michigan University, May 1995. Parent Involvement Activities and the Effect on the Educational Development of Head Start Preschool Children

B.S. Department of Human Environmental Studies, Central Michigan University, May 1992. Child Development and Psychology.

Research focuses on the development of humor in children, families, inclusive practices, leadership, and pre-service teacher professional development.
Brazelton Touchpoints Individual Level Trainer

Courses Taught

HDF 100WI - Lifespan Development

HDF 309WI - Family and Community Partnerships in Early Childhood

HDF 409 - Lead Teaching Methods in Early Childhood (Science and Social Studies)

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.