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Ivanitskaya, Lana




Dr. Lana V. Ivanitskaya is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist who applies rigor and methods of psychology to the scientific study of the workplace, specializing in healthcare organizations. She joined the Central Michigan University faculty in 2002 as an Associate Professor in CMU’s Doctor of Health Administration Program. She was awarded early tenure (5th year, 2007) and The Excellence in Teaching Award (2012), and CMU’s College of Health Professions Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Partnership (January 2020) and CMU President’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Community Engagement (April, 2020). Lana enjoys university teaching at all three levels, from undergraduate to Doctoral. In addition to study trips about international health systems, Lana teaches research methods, quantitative decision-making, grant writing, and appreciation of scientific evidence.

More about Lana Ivanitskaya

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  • Loren B. Bensley, Jr. Honor Award 
  • Central Michigan University President’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Community Engagement
  • College of Health Professions Faculty Award for Excellence in Community Partnership
  • 2011-2012 Excellence in Teaching Award
  • International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Advanced Individual Research Opportunities (AIRO) Award
  • PhD, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Central Michigan University, 1999
  • MA, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Central Michigan University, 1997
  • MA, Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University, 1994
  • BA, Education, Moscow State Pedagogical University, 1992
  • Visualization of science, bibliometric analysis

Courses Taught

  • DHA 702:  Probability and Statistics for the Health Professionals
  • DHA 705:  Seminar in Public Health
  • DHA 709:  Seminar in Health Dynamics: Current Issues, Trends and Change
  • DHA 710:  Qualitative Analysis in Health Care
  • DHA 712:  Research Methods and Practice for the Health Professional
  • DHA 713:  Seminar in Health Services Research
  • MHA 601:  Statistics for Health Professionals
  • MHA 604:  Quantitative Decision-Making for Health Administration
  • HSC 512:  Special Topics in Health Education, At War with the Virus:  Coping with COVID-19
  • HSC 516:  Travel Course in Health Education
  • HSC 538:  Development of Proposals and Reports in Health Administration