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Associate Professor, Marketing



Dr. Obilo is a Professor in the Marketing & HSA department at Central Michigan University. He has been a faculty member for 7 years and has focused on multiple courses including: Integrated Marketing Management (MKT304 in the integrated core)Consumer Behavior (MKT305), and Voice of the Consumer (in the MBA Program). Further, Dr. Obilo's research explores the relationship between consumers' behaviors and organizational strategy. In addition, Dr. Obilo conducts research that seeks to improve business education. His work has been published in journals including: Journal of Business Research, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Marketing Letters, Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, and others.

More about Onyewuchukwu Obilo

  • Obinna Obilo, Ellis Chefor, and Amin Saleh (2021), “Revisiting the Consumer Brand Engagement Concept,” Journal of Business Research, 126, 634-643.
  • Obinna Obilo & Bruce L. Alford (2020). “When a Mismatched Advertisement is More Persuasive Than a Matched One: Revisiting the Functional Approach,” Journal of Marketing Communications, 26 (7), 761-779.
  • Bruce L. Alford, Otis W. Gilley, Charles M. Wood & Obinna Obilo (2017). “No Sale Items in Auctions: Do They Really Matter?” Marketing Letters, 28, 155-168 Obinna Obilo & Bruce L. Alford (2015). “Advancing Scholarship: Fostering the Motivation to Research in Future Marketing Scholars,” Journal for the Advancement of Marketing Education, 23(1), 12-22. Best Article of the Year Award Recipient
  • Doctor of Business Administration, Louisiana Tech University
  • MS in Engineering, Louisiana Tech University
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Louisiana Tech University