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More about Raymond Francis

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Francis, R. W., & Deschaine, M. E. (2016). Building sustainable professional development school partnerships. Annual Meetings of the Michigan Academy, Saginaw Valley State University, March 4, 2016. Michigan Academician, 44(2), 120-121. doi:

Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, 1992, West Virginia University
Student motivation in blended and online learning. Concept mapping. Authentic assessment. The synchronous & asynchronous communication cycle. Using global experiences to build the professional knowledge base of undergraduate and graduate students.

Courses Taught

EDU 853 - Evolving Internet Learning
EDU 814 - Differentiated Instruction in Online Learning
EDU 776 - Issues in Education
EDU 662 - Applied Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDU 660 - Methods of Educational Research
EDU 515 - Managing Classrooms and Learning Environments
EDU 458 - Student Teaching
EDU 433 - Global Pre-Student Teaching Elementary Field Experience
EDU 325 - Middle Level and High School Teaching Methods
EDU 107 - Introduction to Teaching