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Skeel, Reid



Dr. Skeel joined the CMU faculty in 2000. Dr. Skeel coordinates The Neuropsychology Clinic at Central Michigan University. His clinical and research interests focus on neuropsychological assessment. His clinical efforts center on providing functional application of neuropsychological assessment. His research interests are focused on examining variables that affect the ecological validity of neuropsychological tests. Examples of specific projects being conducted in his lab include: the impact of anxiety on neuropsychological performance, identifying dissimulation on self-report measures of ADHD, and behavioral measurement of delayed gratification. 

More about Reid Skeel

Skeel, R., Lesica*, S., Fust*, B., Garnett*, A., & Bolen*, L. (2022). Validation of an adult ADHD measure of feigning in a sample including individuals with depression and anxiety symptoms. Applied Neuropsychology: Adult. Advance Online publication. doi: 10.1080/23279095.2022.2158335

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Pilarski*, C., Skeel, R.L., & Reilly, M. (2014). Acute effects of nicotine on risky choice among non-smokers. Psychological Record, 64, 151 - 159.

*Student authors

  • The impact of anxiety on neuropsychological performance
  • Identifying dissimulation on self-report measures of ADHD
  • Behavioral measurement of delayed gratification
  • Malingering