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Assistant Professor | Master of Arts in Economics Director



Professor Raisanen is currently involved in research regarding privacy in insurance markets and state funding of higher education and student debt. He is also running behavioral studies examining the effect miscommunication has on cooperation.  His long-term research goals include understanding the political economy of higher education and unifying microeconomics theory with behavioral economic anomalies. 


Craig, J. Dean, and Samuel R. Raisanen, "The impact of analyzing economic events on the learning of undergraduate economic theory." International Review of Economics Education 14 (2013): 24-35. (link)

Craig, J. Dean, and Samuel R. Raisanen, "Institutional determinants of American undergraduate student debt." Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 36.6 (2014): 661-673. (link)

Birkeland, Kathryn and Samuel Raisanen, "State Appropriations and Undergraduate Borrowing: More Debt, Less Money," Applied Economics Letters,  print pending, published online (2015): 1-5. (link)

Raisanen, Samuel, "A Note Regarding Prioritization on Congestible Networks." Theoretical Economics Letters 5.05 (2015): 606. (link)

Bailey, Chris, and Samuel Raisanen, “A General Concentration Index for Multiproduct Firms with Differentiated Products,” Journal of Economics (MVEA) 41.2 (2015) (Proofs of Propositions)

Published Online

Raisanen, Samuel. "Advanced-Purchase Premiums versus Discounts in the Presence of
Capacity Constraints." University of Colorado, Discussion Papers in Economics (2009)

Raisanen, Samuel, "Intertemporal Price Discrimination: Preference Knowledge and Endogenous Capacity Choice," August 28, 2015, Available at SSRN

Current Working Papers

Raisanen, Samuel and Kenneth Sanney, "Privacy and Monitoring in Insurance Markets: Adverse Selection and Market Structure"

Raisanen, Samuel and Jason Taylor, "Beeronomics 1933:  An Analysis of 3.2 Percent Beer Legalization before the End of Prohibition in the United States"

Raisanen, Samuel and Elizabeth, Cameron "The Effect of Miscommunication on Cooperation in a Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma"

Birkeland, Kathryn and Samuel Raisanen, "The Political Economy of Education Subsidies: Revisited"
  • Ph.D., M.A. University of Colorado
  • M.B.A. Seattle University
  • B.S. University of Michigan​