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Baker, Sean




Dr. Baker joined the Department of Journalism in 2009, was promoted ​to Associate Professor in 2013, and tenured in 2016. Before becoming a member of the faculty at CMU, he taught in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies and was the Director of the Communication Management Graduate Program at Towson University. Dr. Baker is an outstanding teacher. As a scholar he has published widely and given many juried presentations. His research and teaching interests include: visual communication; crime and the media; new media theory; and race, class ​and gender. ​


Recent Scholarships

Baker, S. (2015). Do two wrongs make a right?: News analysis of a violent response to clergy sex abuse,  Journal of Media and Religion 14(2): 57-73.

Baker, S. (forthcoming).  The Black press centering on injustice: News frames in mainstream and minority newspapers. In Tait, A. A. & Hayes, A.S. (Eds). Essays on African-American owned media. Lewiston NY: Edwin Mellen Press.  Expected publication date – 2016.

Baker, S. (2015). Baudrillard and the “The Simpsons”: Pedagogy and cultural studies in the postmodern university.  International Association for Media and Communication Research conference paper.  Montreal, Canada.

Lauffer, K. & Baker, S. (2015). Challenging hegemonic beliefs about physician assisted death: The Brittany Menard effect. International Association for Media and Communication Research conference paper.  Montreal, Canada.​​

More about Sean Baker

Ph.D: 2000, University of Washington
MS: 1997, MSU
BA: 1994, University of Minnesota
• Mass Communication
• Cultural Studies
• Crime News
• Deviance
• Surveillance Studies

Courses Taught

• Intro to Graphics & Visual Communication
• Advanced Media Graphics & Visual Communication