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Chaudhry, Saad


Assistant Professor


Hello! I am Dr. Saad Chaudhry, a geriatrician. One question I commonly receive includes, “Why geriatrics?” The field entails caring for older adults, but it goes much deeper. The goal involves promoting healthy aging- this involves evaluation of memory loss, mobility, medications, co-morbidities, family dynamics, and ultimately knowing the goals of the patient. The field has sharpened my skills in communication in complex cases, advance care planning, and deprescribing. With people living longer lives, having this specialization allows for physicians to have more expertise in taking care of the aging population. I am excited to bring geriatrics to Central Michigan University School of Medicine!

More about Saad Chaudhry

M.D., American University of the Caribbean SOM, St. Maarten
B.S., Daemen University, Amherst, New York (NY)