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Papa, Wendy




Wendy H. Papa is a professor in the Department of Communication at Central Michigan University. She has been a Basic Course Director for over 25 years. She oversees the basic course (COM 101) and trains graduate teaching assistants to teach college communication. In addition, Dr. Papa teaches courses in organizational communication, diffusion of innovations, group communication, public speaking, conflict management and speech methods in secondary schools. Dr. Papa’s research interests include pedagogy, social justice, conflict management, and organizing for social change.


Recent Scholarships

Papa, W.H. (2015). Instructor’s Manual for Papa, M.J. (2014). Public Speaking in the Communication Age. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press. 

Papa, W.H., Papa, M.J., & Buerkel, R. (2012). Organizing for Social Change: Communicative Empowerment for Small Business Development and Job Training for the Poor. In L. Frey & K. Carragee (Eds.), Communication Activism. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press. 

Papa, W.H., Papa, M.J., & Buerkel, R. (2010). Competence in organizational conflicts. In W.R. Cupach, D.J. Canary & B.H. Spitzberg (Eds.). Competence in interpersonal conflict. New York: McGraw-Hill. 

Papa, M.J., Singhal, A., & Papa, W.H. (2006). Organizing for social change: A dialectic journey of theory and praxis. New Delhi: Sage. 

Papa, W.H., Papa, M.J., Kandath, K. P., Worrell, T., Muthuswamy, N. (2005). Dialectic of Unity and Fragmentation in Feeding the Homeless: Promoting Social Justice through Communication. Atlantic Journal of Communication, 13(4), 242-271. 


More about Wendy Papa

Ph.D: Ohio University
MA: Central Michigan University
BA: Central Michigan University

Courses Taught

• Teaching College Communication
• Communication & Society
• Organizational Communication
• Small ​​Group Communication
• Speech Methods in Sec Schools
• Conflict Management
• Communication & Social/Org Change