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Interim Chair



Dr. Dailey's basic interests are in the areas of conflict, bargaining and negotiating, and debate as a form of conflict. Currently, Dr. Dailey is in the process of working on a book project with his colleagues Edward A. Hinck and Shelly Hinck on how face saving and face threatening strategies shape audience's perceptions of candidates in presidential and vice presidential debate. He is also involved in research into family conflict as well as research into the way in which feelings of embarrassment are affected by one's relationship attachment style.


Recent Scholarships

Politeness over Forty Five Years of Presidential Debates, Roman and Littlefield, with Edward A. Hinck and Shelly Hinck, in press.

Politeness in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Debates, Argumentation & Advocacy, Co-authored with Edward A. Hinck and Shelly Hinck, forthcoming.

Do parenting newsletters really work: A true experiment. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Chicago, November 2004.

Ph.D: Northwestern University
MA: University of Colorado at Denver
BS: South Dakota School of Mines & Technology