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Dr. Henderson is a faculty member of Central Michigan University teaching graduate level administration and leadership in the Master of Science in Administration (MSA) Department. She earned her doctorate degree in organization management with a specialty in global leadership from Colorado Technical University.  She holds a master’s degree in management and leadership from Webster University with a comparative analysis thesis on the American and Arab business management practices. Her bachelor’s degree is in architecture with a minor in environmental architecture from Bilkent University, Turkiye. 

Dr. Henderson’s research interest is in initial trust formation between geographically segregated, intercultural temporary work groups. She is the author of the book Uncertainty Avoidance & Trust: Physicians' View of Global Medicine” and the creator of MSA 519: Artificial Intelligence and the Inclusive Workplace; MSA 520: Ethics in Digital Transformation; and MSA 521: Digital Culture and Social Media Strategies courses offered through Central Michigan University. For over a decade, Dr. Henderson served in a variety of increasingly responsible positions with the Department of Defense (DoD) programs in Europe and the U.S. and she spent the last few years of DoD career working at executive levels in USMC Parris Island and MCAS- Beaufort, SC.

More about Yucel Henderson

Colorado Technical University, Doctor of Management 2014
Cross-cultural trust building

Courses Taught

  • MSA 503
  • MSA 510
  • MSA 519
  • MSA 520
  • MSA 521
  • MSA 600
  • MSA 601
  • MSA 603
  • MSA 604
  • MSA 698