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Dr. Yucel Thomas received her doctorate degree in Organization Management with a specialty in Global Leadership from Colorado Technical University. She holds an MA in Management and Leadership from Webster University with a comparative analysis thesis on the American and Arab business management practices. Her bachelor's degree is in Architecture and Design from Bilkent University in Turkey with a minor in Environmental Design.

For over a decade Dr. Thomas served in a variety of increasingly responsible positions with the Department of Defense programs in Europe and the U.S., and she spent the last few years working at executive levels with the Marine Corps. Previously, she taught as a part-time faculty member for Central Michigan University, Webster University, Southern New Hampshire University, and American College of Education. Her area of expertise includes international business and management of multiculturality in virtual and traditional organizations. Dr. Thomas' research interest is in initial trust formation between socioculturally diverse workgroups and cross-cultural marketing.

Dr. Thomas emphasizes inquiry-based learning in her courses. She suggests inquiry makes the difference between acquiring knowledge and memorizing information. Dr. Thomas loves traveling internationally with her children Melis and Burak as she believes one can only unravel the world's tangled complexities by being exposed to the culture and value systems of the unfamiliar. Dr. Thomas is proud to be part of the MSA team at Central Michigan and takes this opportunity as the next step in her colorful career. Central Michigan University's core values — integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence, and innovation — align with her own, and they were the driving force behind her decision to join this exceptional academic community.

Colorado Technical University, Doctor of Management 2014
Cross-cultural trust building

Courses Taught

  • MSA 503
  • MSA 604
  • MSA 601
  • MSA 608
  • EDL 620