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Student Organization Re-Registration 

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are required to review the below information and be re-registered each academic year.

Step 1: Update your organization information in Engage Central

You can begin this process by logging into Engage Central at

  • If you have questions on navigating this process, contact 
  • If you are not the admin of the portal or are having other issues with Engage Central, please complete a Help Request.  
  • If you're creating a new organization, you can access a Sample Constitution

Step 2: Have your president, vice president, treasurer and advisor agree to position terms and conditions

They can complete the form by accessing it in their engage portal. Share this video to help them access the forms.
If you are remaining in your position and have accepted your terms and conditions last year, you will not be prompted to sign them again this year.

Step 3: Complete online hazing prevention training

Your president, vice president and treasurer from each organization will be required to participate in an online hazing prevention training as part of the re-registration process. This must be done annually. You can view the steps on Engage Central.

Step 4: Complete online orientation modules

Your president, vice president, and treasurer will also need to complete these modules. When you log onto the online hazing prevention training course platform, you will also notice that you have been assigned to watch “Get Organized” student organization orientation modules. Complete those modules, which will give you more information on Expectations of Student Organizations, Resources and Perks for Student Organizations, and Engage Central.

Step 5: Register for MainStage after June 1st

You must have completed steps 1-4 in order for your student organization to register to have a table at MainStage, which is a student organization fair at the beginning of the fall semester. You will be able to talk to new and returning students about your organization and recruit them to join. You can find registration on the homepage of Engage Central after June 1st.

Step 6: Request space for meetings

The online space request form will be available in August. You must have completed re-registration steps 1-4 in order for your student organization to be able to request to reserve space on campus. Please contact the Office of Student Activities and Involvement at or 989-774-3016 with any questions.

Step 7: Select a representative from your organization to attend weekly SGA meetings

In order to be eligible for funding for projects/programs and conferences from SGA, student organizations must have a representative from their organization attend weekly SGA meetings. Meetings are held Mondays at 7:00 p.m. in the UC Auditorium. If your organization is not able to find a representative to attend those meetings and you would still like to apply for funding, please fill out the SBAC Hardship Review Request Form on Engage Central to be granted an exemption from having an SGA representative.

Step 8: Apply for available funding for your organization’s projects/programs and conferences 

The Student Budget Allocation Committee (SBAC) has funding available for student organizations to apply to receive monetary help from Student Government to fund projects/programs and conferences. Organizations that are interested in this