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    If you are concerned about a student who may be feeling overwhelmed, experiencing challenging life events, or struggling to navigate university, we encourage you to file a CARES report for them. CMU CARES serves all CMU students and strives to identify and connect them with the most relevant support and resources for their situation. When you submit a CARES report, you provide an opportunity for the student to receive outreach, the choice to engage with support resources, and an expanded network of support.


    All CARES reports are reviewed and assigned for outreach based on student concern and housing. Academic concerns are reported to the Office of Academic Advising and Student Success. If a student lives on-campus, the Residence Life Care Advocate program manages outreach and support coordination. For those students living off campus, outreach and support is coordinated by the Assistant Care Team Coordinator. Case Management supports include assessment of a student’s current situation regarding personal well-being, academic success, and access to basic needs. CMU CARES will collaborate with the student to identify appropriate resource options and support the student to engage with the resources they choose.

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    The CARES Team is a small group of CMU staff and faculty pooling knowledge and expertise in an effort to support students who may be in distress. The team is comprised of representatives from the following offices: Student Affairs, Academic Advising and Student Success, Residence Life, Counseling Center, Student Disability Services, Sexual Aggression Services, Student Conduct, CMU Police, Student Veterans Resource Center, Athletics, and Multicultural Academic Student Services. The information shared within this group is used for the purposes of coordinating campus resources and care for our students. The CARES Team will engage resources as appropriate and necessary given the circumstances of the student concern.

    CMU CARES would be happy to consult individually or with groups and departments. If you are interested in a consult or presentation about CMU CARES, working with students in distress, recognizing signs of concerning behavior, learning more about when and how to submit a CARES report, or establishing healthy boundaries, please contact the CARE Team Coordinator at 989-774-3346.

    CMU CARES respects a student’s decision to not engage in assistance or support unless information supports imminent risk, or the student’s behavior significantly disrupts the living and/or learning environment of others.