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Tips to Take Care

Central Michigan University encourages students, family, staff, and faculty to take care of each other. The following tips are offered to assist you in caring for yourself and others around you. We encourage you to take steps proactively to be prepared and to have resources available in a time of needed assistance – whether that be for you or for others.

    Learn about support services available – both on campus and in the community. Residence Life and Counseling Center staff members are excellent sources of assistance and referral for students.

    College is stressful. It is important to create and follow a stress management and self-care plan.

    Increased stress and lack of sleep are often factors in the recurrence of a mental health concern.

    Maintain or develop a strong support system of family, friends, and others. On a daily basis, participate in activities you enjoy.

    Know what you are going to do if symptoms of your condition persist or intensify so you can respond quickly. This can minimize the possible negative impact on academic and social activities if a relapse does occur.

    If you have put off getting help, don’t wait any longer. The stresses of being away from home can be overwhelming and may heighten other symptoms.

    Consider contacting the Counseling Center or a Care Advocate for an appointment to develop an action plan. If you have been working with a counselor back home, continue to meet with them periodically.

    Take your medication as prescribed. Be careful not to self-medicate using alcohol, other drugs, or food.

    CMU provides many forms of support services. Consider reaching out for help from your Academic Advisor, Success Coach, Care Advocate, Residence Life staff, or the Counseling Center.

    All students with a disability are encouraged to register with the Student Disability Services office. Central Michigan University is committed to ensuring all students have appropriate access to university services, programs and activities.

    CMU Police: 989-774-3081

    CMU CARES Line: 989-774-2273

    CMU Counseling Center: 989-774-3381

    Student Disability Services: 989-774-3018

    Listening Ear Crisis & Referral Helpline (24/7): 989-772-2918

    McLaren Central Michigan Hospital: 989-772-6777

    Mid-Michigan Medical Center: 989-956-9078

    Download PDF of Tips to Take Care