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Non-Expiring Employee Permits

Full-time employees have the option of a non-expiring virtual parking permit if paid via payroll deduction annually (September – December).

What does this mean? If you choose this option when you renew your permit this year, it will remain active until the permit is no longer needed (i.e. retirement, no longer employed, etc). This also means that the fee will continue to be deducted annually* from your paycheck while the permit is active. It is the responsibility of the permit-holder to cancel their permit in a timely manner by submitting the Non-Expiring Virtual Parking Permit Cancellation Form. 

Employees are responsible for keeping their vehicle and license plate information up to date. An annual email will be sent to active non-expiring permit holders with any rate or policy changes that impact your current parking permit.

If full-time employees choose not to enroll in the non-expiring permit, the payment option for an online annual virtual permit would be via credit card or in person with cash or check.

*(September – December biweekly/twice a month)