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Flexible Workplace

CMU’s Mt. Pleasant location is a residential campus; our students thrive in a living/learning environment robust with vitality. Nurturing a strong sense of community, living productively among others, and fostering rewarding relationships are foundational to CMU’s mission, vision, and learning goals. Our stewardship as a public institution and our service to CMU students call upon us to ensure offices are welcoming and responsive.

CMU work locations must be appropriately staffed to accomplish our mission and vision effectively. It is generally expected that the regularly assigned CMU place of employment is in-person, on-campus. However, recognizing a wide range of roles and responsibilities fulfilled by employees, circumstances may arise in which an alternate work arrangement may be used to optimally balance the needs of the university and an employee and/or work team. The roles and functions of some employees will always require physical presence and standard schedules. However, many others may use flexible schedules and remote work principles to meet objectives efficiently and effectively. Such alternate arrangements might include Alternative Work Schedules or a Flexible Worksite.

Flexible worksite documents

Flexible worksite policy training resources