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Academic Structure, Programs and Regulations

Chapter 5

5-1(R) Mission Statement
Academic Reorganization and Academic Unit Name Change
5-7 Diplomas
5-9 Political Science Credit Required for All Baccalaureate Degrees
5-10Reserve Officer Training Corps
5-12 Credit by Examination
5-13 Selection of Honorary Degree Candidates
5-14 Masters Degree Requirements
5-16(R)Graduate Assistantships
5-17(R) Graduate Research Fellowships
5-18 Academic Integrity Policy for Graduate Students
5-21 Michigan Intercollegiate Graduate Studies Program
5-24(R)CMU Online (formerly Global Campus, formerly ProfEd)
5-26(R) Intercollegiate Athletic Policy
5-27(R) Central Michigan University Academic Senate Constitution
5-37(R) 5-37(R) Vision Statement and Strategic Priorities
5-42 New Degree Programs
5-44 Formation of Medical Education Program/Medical School
​5-45​ ​Department of Entrepreneurship