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Fees, Fines and Penalties

Chapter 8

8-9 ​Credit by Examination
8-10(R) Undergraduate Tuition
8-11(R) Undergraduate Tuition - CMU Promise TM
8-12(R) Graduate Tuition
8-13​ Graduate Student Application and Orientation Fees
8-15 Contracted Tuition Rates for Extended Learning
8-17(R) Student Activity Center Fee TERMINATED
8-23 Senior Citizen Class Audit Guidelines
8-25(R) Room, Board and Apartment Rates
8-27(R) Residence Hall Expanded Occupancy Rebate
8-31(R) Student Technology Fee TERMINATED
8-32(R) Campus Improvement Fee TERMINATED
8-34(R) Library Fee TERMINATED
8-35(R) Programming Fee TERMINATED
8-36(R) Enrollment Fee TERMINATED
8-38 Student Publications Fee TERMINATED
8-39 Credit Card Convenience Fees
8-40 Tuition Rates for Cohorts of International Students
8-41​ College of Medicine M.D. Program Tuition​