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Strategic Envisioning Advisory Team

The Strategic Envisioning Advisory Team is one of two Purposeful Constituent Groups that will provide input and insight throughout the planning process.

This group consists of 2-4 members from each of the five strategic pathway groups and will serve as a sounding board for ideas and feedback throughout the process. Engagement with this group will strengthen the university-wide understanding of linkages between the work of the pathway groups and SMART goals developed during the strategic planning process as well as help in building consensus along the way, so the plan is fully embraced by the university community upon its completion.


  • Concha Allen, Faculty Member – Marketing & Hospitality Services Administration/CBA 
  • Alison Arnold, Director/Interdisciplinary Community Health & Wellness
  • Misty Bennett, Assistant Dean/CBA
  • Nel Boose, Director of Enrollment & Financial Operations/CEHS
  • Jennifer Drevon, Assistant Director/Leadership Institute
  • Deborah Gray, Faculty Member – Marketing & Hospitality Services Administration/CBA
  • Erica Johnson, Interim Assistant Vice President/Student Affairs
  • Sarah Marshall, Faculty Member – Counseling, Educational Leadership & Higher Education/CEHS
  • Kaleb Patrick, Associate Vice President/Innovation & Online
  • Erica Peters, Executive Assistant to the Provost
  • Heather Polinsky, Chair – Broadcast & Cinematic Arts/CAM
  • Stan Shingles, Assistant Vice President/Student Affairs
  • Marcy Taylor, Acting Dean/CLASS
  • Michelle Veith, Director/Student Disability Services
  • Cathy Willermet, Chair – Philosophy, Anthropology & Religion/CLASS
  • Al Zainea, Director – Academic & Professional Programs/Innovation & Online