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Strategic Planning Team

The Strategic Planning Team will be the primary working group charged with information gathering, stakeholder engagement, synthesizing all relevant information and input collected throughout the process, providing alternatives for inclusion in periodic updates to the Board, and drafting all iterations of the plan for feedback from the Strategic Planning Executive Committee and the Board.


  • Nancy Mathews, Provost/Executive Vice President (Chair)
  • Elbert Almazan, Chairperson – Politics, Society, Justice and Public Service/CLASS
  • Karen Arthur, Director of Student Services/CBA
  • Joe Garrison, Executive Director/Financial Planning and Budgets
  • Andrea Jasper, Faculty Member – Teacher and Special Education/CEHS
  • Nolan Kamoo, Undergraduate Student
  • Matthew Liesch, Chairperson – Geography and Environmental Studies/CSE
  • Blaine Long, Chairperson – Rehab and Medical Sciences/CHP
  • Amy McGinnis, Fixed-Term Faculty – Human Resources and Organizational Behavior/CBA
  • Pamela Murray, Alumni Leader
  • Shawna Patterson-Stephens, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer/Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Robert Roe, Executive Director/Academic Planning and Analysis
  • Lucas Sprague, Graduate Student
  • Kirsten Weber, Faculty Member/Communication
  • Darcie Wilson, Executive Director – Innovation and Portfolio Management/Innovation & Online
  • Patricia Young, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment/Admissions