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MCOLES Licensed Law Enforcement Officers- Online Learning Resources

Save time and money by getting your degree at CMU.  With your MCOLES certification, you have already earned up to 33 credits at no cost to you, toward your undergraduate degree.  Plus, you may have additional experiences that qualify for prior learning credit, saving you even more!

Choose a program that fits your goals


You’ll gain a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge crucial for thriving in administrative roles across diverse organizational settings. The Administration program encompasses effective communication, legal compliance, public relations, human resource management, digital literacy, and organizational psychology, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to navigate the intricacies of business environments.

Community development

Equip yourself to function effectively within community-focused organizations, manage resources, and assume leadership roles to drive meaningful change with Community Development. Gain in-depth expertise in critical areas, including leadership, group dynamics, human resources, and policy-making, all within the context of community settings ranging from local neighborhoods to the national level.

Organizational leadership

Gain the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in leadership roles across diverse organizational settings. This Organizational Leadership degree will empower you to inspire, manage, and lead others effectively, elevating their own potential and that of those around them to drive positive change in organizations.

    The process is easy

      Apply to CMU and gain admission to one of the following degrees:

      Administration, Community Development, or Organizational Leadership.

      Email your Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards Individual Employment History document for verification to

      We will review and confirm your documentation and after you have completed 5 credits the 33 MCOLES credits will be applied to your academic record.


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