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Prior Learning Webinars

Let our expert staff walk you through the process and give you a better understanding of how to use Prior Learning Credit to help you save time and money.

Watch this space for registration links for live webinars beginning in June. 

Archived recordings

Unlocking your graduation success: mastering portfolios, deadlines, and submission strategies

Learn about the essential components of your portfolio and the significance of early submission to prevent course duplication. Discover guidelines for assembling and submitting your portfolio for evaluation.

Writing competencies: crafting self-assessments and navigating academic integrity

This session will delve into the origins and mechanics of competencies, offering a detailed guide on crafting self-assessments for each competency. CMU's Plagiarism/Academic Integrity policy is also covered. 


Powerpoint: Prior Learning Competency Webinar

Strategizing success: navigating your academic journey with expert guidance 

An important part of the prior learning process is working with your advisor.  Learn from an advisor essential information regarding coursework, training, and life experiences and how they align with students' program plans


Powerpoint: 2 Prior Learning Navigating with Expert Guidance

Prior Learning demystified: how to earn academic credit for your experiences 

An overview of the Prior Learning program showing you how you can save time and money using prior learning credits towards degree completion.  Learn what it’s all about.


Powerpoint: Prior Learning Demystified

Prior Learning