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New Faculty Orientation - Online Pre-Orientation

Administrative Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines Overview for New Faculty

Below contains a list of all applicable policies on CMU's campus. As new policies are written and existing policies are revised, they will be added. 

CMU Policy on Academic Integrity and Reporting

Because academic integrity is a cornerstone of the university's commitment to the principles of free inquiry, students are responsible for learning and upholding professional standards of research, writing, assessment, and ethics in their areas of study. In the academic community, the high value placed on truth implies a corresponding intolerance of scholastic dishonesty. Written or other work which students submit must be the product of their own efforts and must be consistent with appropriate standards of professional ethics. Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, plagiarism and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, is prohibited. 

The full policy including definitions, clarifications, sanctions and the process for handling violations can be found in this Academic Senate Policies and Procedures folder. Questions regarding this policy or requests for additional clarification can be directed to the Office of Student Conduct. While it is to the discretion of the instructor, violations of academic misconduct should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct for formal proceedings seeking disciplinary sanctions under the  Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures.

Ways to discourage student plagiarism

The rise of electronic information has made student plagiarism a very real issue in higher education. Follow the links below for tips on discouraging plagiarism in your classroom. 

Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures

The students, faculty, and staff of Central Michigan University constitute an academic community that is committed to the preservation, communication, and discovery of knowledge, and to the active pursuit of truth. Consistent with this purpose, the university recognizes its obligation to afford each student the opportunity to develop their educational potential while retaining free exercise of rights and freedoms as a citizen. Such opportunity should be limited only by the necessity of ensuring equality of opportunity to all students, and by the corollary requirement of orderly operation of the educational processes. Each member of the Central Michigan University community assumes an obligation regarding self-conduct to act in a manner consistent with a respect for the rights of others and with the university's function as an educational institution. The full text of the code can be found on the Code of CMU Rights, Responsibilities, and Disciplinary Procedures page.