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Blackboard Overview for New Faculty

Blackboard (Bb) is the learning management system used at CMU to provide an Internet-accessible site for your course and course materials. This robust learning management system provides a wealth of opportunity for you to enlarge the scope of your face-to-face, blended and/or online courses for the productive engagement of your students. All faculty are encouraged to use the Blackboard course shell provided for their course.

With Bb, you can expand your course into the days between class sessions by setting up spaces such as: areas for chats or discussions, quick quizzes to ensure students are keeping on track with reading/studying, providing full-time access to assignments, producing podcasts to enrich class discussions, and creating group spaces for students to collaboratively construct their assignments.

All CMU courses automatically have both a Bb course shell and the list of students who are currently enrolled for the course. 

In addition, robust list training opportunities are offered through the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support - Discover Events and Trainings page.

For additional assistance or troubleshooting Blackboard, please contact the CMU Help Desk at 989-774-3662.