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Navigating CMU's Technology

4 tips to ensure your student is receiving the information they need

Technology should simplify our lives, right? As soon as your student is admitted, important information begins flowing into their CMU inbox, but getting through the setup phase can be confusing–especially if they are juggling multiple admissions offers.

With college decisions being made every day, we’re here to provide you with helpful information. So, without further ado, here are four critical tips that will ensure your student is getting all the information they need and not missing out on anything they need to know. 

Tip #1–Activate the account

First things first – it all starts with their account. When your student was admitted to CMU they received information about activating their account with a Global ID and PIN. Essentially, they will use that Global ID for just about everything during their time at CMU­, from checking their email to registering for classes. If your student hasn’t yet activated their account, they will find activation instructions in their applicant portal.
Why your student needs it
After committing to CMU, your student will find information about housing and orientation in their inbox. They can also use it to log in to their financial aid portal, view the academic calendar, and register for Leadership Safari and Impact.

Tip #2–Protect from hackers

We take your student's account security seriously. That's why CMU requires students to set up multi-factor authentication as an extra layer of security. The free DuoMobile app sends an alert to your student’s phone each time their account is accessed, allowing them to approve or deny the request. Your student can find more information and instructions about downloading DuoMobile in CMU’s technology Knowledge Base.

Why your student needs it
Using a tool for multi-factor authentication (more than one way to make sure it’s actually the intended person accessing an account) adds a significant layer of security to your student’s online account.


Tip #3–Get organized with the Outlook app

I personally know that it can be hard to manage multiple email accounts, and I’m not a person who likes getting notifications on my phone all the time. But, trust me, the free Outlook app is a lifesaver when it comes to managing the information coming into my inbox. And, since it's connected to your student's account, it works seamlessly with all the other Microsoft 365 tools at CMU.
Why your student needs it
Downloading the Outlook app allows your student to customize notifications so they never miss an important email from a professor or one of CMU’s student support offices. Plus, the calendar function provides an easy place to stay organized.

Tip #4–Ask for help from the pros 

I’m sneaking in an extra point here because it’s critical to know. If your student has difficulty with or has questions about any technology-related matters (setting up their account, lost password, unable to connect to the network, downloading available software, accessing CMU online resources, etc.), we have a terrific resource available to our students – the CMU Help Desk. Staffed by CMU professionals and students, this group is my “go-to” whenever I’m having technical challenges. They can be reached by email, chat, phone, and in-person, and their website has a searchable Knowledge Base for those who prefer to try to solve their own problems or have an off-hours issue. They even have a "Technology Orientation for Students" available for their reading and reference. 
Why your student needs it
As technology evolves or problems pop up, the Help Desk is always committed to helping students and staff utilize our tools. 
If students follow these four simple tips, they’ll feel that CMU’s technology is working for them and not against them. That starts now as an admitted student and remains important once they are enrolled in courses and trying to navigate the registration system, view and pay their bill, access their course materials and class discussions in Blackboard, view their grades, set up direct deposit, register their vehicle, and much more. So although it takes some setup, the payoff is well worth the time of getting these items in order. 
Let us (or the Help Desk!) know if you have any questions. And…
Fire Up Chips!

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