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Achieving success in business: 10 ways an MBA can benefit your career

Many business professionals have a goal of one day earning their Master of Business Administration (MBA) — but they often put off the task of applying and beginning this graduate-level degree program. While it's easy to say there's no time to work on an  MBA program or that you don't know if it applies to your particular career, it's undeniable that this highly-coveted degree can open the door to new possibilities that you may have never realized existed.

By enrolling in an MBA program, you are not just taking the next step on your career path — you are forging a new trail of endless possibilities. Discover how this degree program can change your professional life for the better.

Take the lead in business and in your professional career. Central Michigan University offers a diverse master of business administration program.

How long does it take to earn an MBA?

The amount of time that it takes to complete an MBA program varies based on the type of program you enroll in or the specializations you select for your degree. With an accelerated MBA or a full-time program, you can complete your MBA in as little as two years. An online MBA allows you to pursue your coursework at your own pace, giving you the ability to complete your degree within one to three years.

Benefits of earning an MBA

On the surface, the benefits of an MBA seem apparent. This high-level degree will allow you to take on leadership positions within an organization, many of which will be more lucrative than the positions you can access with a bachelor's degree and  work experience alone. However, the benefits of this degree program extend well beyond that. These are just a few benefits you will enjoy when you earn your MBA from Central Michigan University.

1. Grow your skills

The coursework within an MBA program allows you to focus on skill development. This program is designed to do more than produce experts in business strategy and development — it is specifically created to generate future leaders. An  MBA program will focus on skills that include developing high-level communication skills, effective leadership skills, cultural awareness, responsibility, and more. You will leave this program feeling more prepared and confident to take on new challenges in the workplace setting and within your sphere.

2. Earn your degree online while working

Just a few short years ago, the only way to earn an MBA degree was to return to business school full-time, often taking classes at night or on the weekends in order to make it work. This was difficult and unsustainable for many people, which kept the  MBA program out of reach. Today, however, you can earn your MBA degree online, which allows you to balance the responsibility of your full-time job and any other personal obligations you may have. An online MBA degree is more accessible, which gives more people the opportunity to benefit from this program.

3. Expand your knowledge

Whether you earned a bachelor’s degree in business or you studied another subject during your undergraduate years, you will find that the MBA program allows you to expand your knowledge of the business world. Each course in this program is designed to provide you with in-depth information about specific areas of business, allowing you to have a better understanding of different sectors and industries as well as business law, ethics, strategies, investments, and more. The  MBA program covers various aspects of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

4. Explore new areas

One of the unique aspects of the MBA program is that it is not a one-size-fits-all graduate degree. You have the ability to choose a concentration that aligns with your interests and your career goals and gives you an opportunity to explore new areas. For example, you may opt to pursue an MBA with a specialization in  international business, particularly if you are passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and doing business with organizations from across the globe. Other specializations might include cybersecurity, health systems leadership, human resources management, and more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore new areas of business and refocus your career.

5. Access more job opportunities

Once you have completed your MBA program, you will instantly be eligible for more job opportunities. Whether you are hoping to secure a higher position within your existing organization or take your career to a new level with a different company, you will find that an MBA makes you more qualified for some of the top positions at the best businesses around the world. You can use your degree to take control of your  career path once and for all.

6. Higher salary potential

Most MBA graduates report that they are able to earn a higher salary over the course of their lifetime as a result of their investment in their degree program. According to U.S. News and World Report, recent MBA graduates earned an average base salary of $105,000 — and that number did not include any bonuses or benefits.

The highest-paying positions often require candidates to have higher-level degrees and a wealth of work experience. With an MBA, you would have more opportunities to reach these lucrative positions and enjoy financial success throughout your career.

7. Grow your professional network

One of the most understated benefits of earning an MBA is the fact that this program allows you to grow your professional network exponentially. When you begin an MBA program at an esteemed university, such as Central Michigan, you will begin working closely with some of the best business leaders and professors in the industry. Beyond the staff that you will partner with throughout your degree program, you also will be meeting your classmates — many of whom are rising stars in their chosen industries. This ability to network and connect with others in a similar position can give you a leg up when you are looking to make a move in your career.

8. Make you more marketable

The global economy is often described as competitive, but the word pales compared to the cut-throat nature of the current job market. To set yourself apart from the competition, you need to be able to showcase that you not only have the  work experience needed for the position but also the critical thinking and communication skills required to tackle today's toughest challenges. Listing your MBA on your resume instantly makes you a more marketable candidate, and it will attract the attention of top employers worldwide.

9. Greater job security

There are many people who pursue an MBA not because they want to leave their current organization but because they are very happy with the company they are with and they want to spend their entire career there. If you are looking for greater job security, then the MBA may be the perfect answer. Companies are more likely to retain top talent when they have invested in themselves and have been willing to do what it takes to apply newfound skills to their existing organization.

10. Enjoy a sense of accomplishment

Most people focus on the professional benefits of earning an MBA, and that's understandable — an MBA is one of the fastest ways to boost your career. However, there also are personal benefits to consider. Earning an MBA is a huge personal milestone — and one that many people feel is out of reach. When you spend a year or more balancing your time, studying for hours, working hard in class, and connecting with your classmates, you will feel a distinct sense of accomplishment when you earn your degree. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of achieving a lifelong goal, especially one that will continue to reward you in the months and years ahead.

An MBA program can open a world of possibilities for you. All you need to do is invest in yourself, and you will see that your career path  widens significantly.

For more information about how to earn an MBA and start exploring new opportunities, request more information about CMU's MBA program.

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