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The right decision is CMU

In higher education, May 1 is Decision Day. It’s the traditional day for students like you to announce, “I’ve made my decision, and I’ll be going to CMU this fall.” Then spread the word on social media as you celebrate and prepare for this important next step. 

Seeing the enthusiasm, leadership abilities and Fired-Up attitude of our students, I don’t know why anyone would choose to go anywhere else. Here, you’re an individual from day one ready to take advantage of all the opportunities to learn, grow and do.

Award-winning professors

Our professors help you explore and get to know you and your style. They welcome you to our community and help you find the path that fulfills you. The one where you can make a difference. 

Dr. Carl Lee of our Department of Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences is one of those dedicated faculty members who keeps you interested and motivated. He emphasizes projects, hands-on learning and creating activities that students can associate with their daily lives.

For his student-focused approach, Dr. Lee was just recognized by the Michigan Association of State Universities as a recipient of the 2022 Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year Award.

You’ll start working alongside talented professors like Dr. Lee, using the latest tools, doing real research, performing, creating and building as a freshman. You won’t have to wait to get right into the work you’re excited to do. 

Real-world results

All these opportunities to participate in your field before you graduate lead to impressive outcomes. Two out of three students cross the stage at graduation with a job offer or plans to go on to a graduate degree. 

Morgan Bennett is graduating this May and has already started putting her logistics management degree to work at RSI Logistics in Lansing. Chase Bender has a fully funded graduate assistantship in mathematics at Notre Dame waiting for him this fall. Allison Biss starts her new position as video contact coordinator at Carowinds Amusement & Theme Park in North Carolina just two weeks after graduation.  

Four years from now, you’ll be the one with the experience and skills to lead the way into your career.


A caring community of leaders

We’re a strong community built from strong individuals. We pride ourselves on doing what’s right, on lifting each other up because we are family. We work hard and we play hard and celebrate each other’s victories. We know you’ll add to that reputation and be an outstanding addition to our community of doers. 

We look forward to meeting you on campus this summer for orientation where our advisors will help you select your first full year of classes. Soon after that, you’ll be hearing about your housing assignment and roommates. 

Yes, it’s all becoming very real and very exciting. Be sure to keep tracking your next steps, because with everything going on this summer, August will be here before you know it. 

We can’t wait to see what amazing things you’ll do here this fall.

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