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Feeling Stressed? Relax and Practice Mindfulness at the CMU Libraries

Outside image of CMU Park Library during the early evening with view of interior building lights

College students are under a lot of stress these days from managing their course load, affording college expenses, handling unexpected life changes, and absorbing national and global news. Although using the library is not a substitute for talking to a counselor or therapist, CMU Libraries can play a role in supporting student wellness. 

1.  Take advantage of the Park Library’s quiet study spaces.  

  • Need a quiet and peaceful place to focus? Try out the individual pod-style furniture in the Mary Dow Reading Room on the 3rd floor. The pods surround you and reduce visual and auditory stimuli providing a comfortable place to relax or study. The individual study cubicles in this space include height adjustable tables and marker boards.
  • The west side of the  1st floor quiet study area overlooks the Fabiano Gardens. This quiet and light-filled study room includes computers, tables, and carrels and opens early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
  • If you love art, the Baber Room on the 1st floor is a great place to relax in lounge chairs, appreciate the art displays, or study quietly.
  • Individual study rooms on the 3rd floor can be reserved in advance and used for 1 to 3 hours.  

2.  Take a break in the Quality of Life Room of Life Room, Park 351.

  • This room can be used by nursing mothers or for prayer, meditation, reflection, and de-stressing. The room is available on a first-come, first-served basis and includes a lounge chair, table, sink, and adjustable lighting. 

3.  Relax with a book or video.

4.  Get help from an expert.

  • Librarians can guide you in finding resources for your research projects and presentations.
  • Professionals in the academic support centers located in the Park Library can assist you with writing, presenting, math skills, and more. 

5.  Visit our end of semester de-stress zone.

  • At the end of fall and spring semesters, watch our website and social media for the dates and times the therapy dogs will be visiting the Park Library. Interacting with the therapy dogs can reduce your anxiety and promote wellbeing. Coloring, puzzles, games, and other activities will be available to help you relax during the end of the semester flurry. 

CMU Libraries is an academic space – and so much more. We encourage students to take advantage of our resources and services to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle during your college years. 

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