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Feb. 11, 2022: Website updates

CMU Health benefitted the most from the early February development updates. 

Changes include:

  • Implementing search for CMU Health's website.
    • This allows users to search CMU Health's website for information.
  • Making the Find a Doctor search more generic and rolling into site search.
    • This helps search results be more inclusive and users find the information they need within them.
  • Removing the Book Appointment button on CMU Health location pages if no link has been added in the backend.
    • The Book Appointment button no longer shows on the CMU Health location page if there is no link present in the backend eliminating confusion for the user.
  • Updating the doctor profile page to remove HTML code that was appearing.
    • This is a correction to the template so it appears as all people profile pages do, without any HTML.

Additional changes include:

  • Adding padding around figure captions within content block editor.
    •  Padding adds space around an image, which provides a clean and consistent look across the site.
  • Heading level tags for program finder/search made ADA compliant.
    • This is part of making the website accessible and improving the experience of all users. Previously, the headings were not following a sequential/hierarchical order which will confuse screen readers, tools used by visually impaired website users.

View the full list of updates here.

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