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Feb. 25, 2022: Website updates

February wrapped up with updates to a variety of areas of the website including:

  • Refactoring the code for program concentrations on program pages.
    • Updating the code for program concentrations ensures that they show up on their respective program's page and not as a separate entry in Program Finder.
    • Fixing the issue where unpublished program concentrations were still showing in Program Finder.
      • This prevents incomplete information and program concentrations from showing in Program Finder search results. Concentrations should only show on their program page.
    • Removing email addresses from displaying on directory profile pages.
      • Removing emails addresses from the directory profile pages prevents those addresses from being used by scammers in phishing attempts.
    • Using Active Directory for Sitefinity security and updating security groups accordingly.

      • CMU uses Microsoft’s Active Directory platform as a way to manage permissions within all of its IT infrastructure. Using AD instead of Sitefinity’s out of the box functionality enables better integration with existing campus IT security/permissions management. 

    View the full list of updates here.

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