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July 21, 2022: Website updates

Program Finder was the focus of a few different updates today. They include:

  • Adding a loading animation to the Program Finder search.
    • The loading animation gives users a visual cue that the site is fetching their search results.
  • Updating the Program Finder page to stop page reloads when a user goes to the next or previous page.
    • Eliminating page reloads improves page load speed and maintains the user's place.
  • Sorting programs by alphabetical order except when there is an exact keyword match.
    • By putting the exact keyword match first, users are able to find the information they were looking for quickly.
  • Correcting titles that were the wrong size with certain filters present in Program Finder.
    • Correcting this makes the pages on the site more consistent and congruent because the titles appear the same.
  • Correcting pagination, or page numbers, that was breaking when certain filters were present in Program Finder.
    • Fixing pagination leads to a better user experience and makes it easier for people to find the programs they were looking for.

View the full list of website release notes here.

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