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March 4, 2022: Website updates

Early March's changes focused on improving and enhancing existing features of the website including:

  • Fixing an issue with pool hours on the University Recreation page not showing up correctly.
    • This means the correct hours will show on the University Recreation page.
  • Removing the Enabled flag and adjusting the importer to use the Published flag instead.
    • By removing the enabled flag, there is only one source of truth for the system to read: the published flag.
  • Correcting the CMU Health sitemap issue.
    • Correcting the sitemap allows Google and other search engines to review the site and index it for searches. The sitemap was previously generated with “http” urls. This required a settings update so the sitemap urls would all start with “https”, which matches the live URLs of the site.
  • Correcting an issue where news articles were showing on both and
    • News articles should only show on since that is a hub for news. Correcting this eliminates the risk of being penalized for duplicate content. Sitefinity’s settings had to be modified to separate the site news from news.
  • Fixing a bug where the Program Finder’s “Compare Programs” button didn’t appear on tablets.
    • Making it so the button appears in mobile allows our mobile users to compare programs from their devices.
  • Changing HTML heading tags, H1 to H3, to be search engine and screen reader friendly.
    • By making the heading tags SEO-friendly, it allows search engines like Google to read our content more easily and more accurately evaluate it when determining where to position our link in search result. It also helps with accessibility since screen readers, used by the visually impaired, depend on this hierarchical structure.

See the full list of the website updates here.

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