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Sept. 29, 2022: Website Enhancements

As we shared in last week's collaborator meeting, we continuously enhance the web experience. Our focus this sprint has been on navigation and user experience.  We have exciting updates and new elements that will go live Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022.

  • Breadcrumb trail - this popular feature that was part of the SharePoint site is returning to select pages to help users navigate the website and improve their overall experience/journey. At this time, we will add them to all pages on Universal and College templates.
  • Departments A-Z - a link to an alphabetical index of all departments in Sitefinity is being added to both the "search burger" menu and the footer of every page.
  • Programs link update - the Programs link in the gold navigation bar of College templates will now point to a filtered list of the college's academic offerings.
  • Infinite scrolling v. Pagination in Program Finder - the Program Finder results page will no longer have numbered page options to take users to more results. Rather, additional results will automatically populate the loaded page, allowing the user to scroll v. click to view more.
  • Video and Random Images Hero Options - while we are still working on Playbook instructions and training materials, options to have either a short video or several randomly-selected images appear in a homepage Hero are now available.

These website updates are part of a more extensive effort by the Digital Strategy Team to identify, improve, test, and implement fixes/enhancements in consistent, two-week intervals (a.k.a "sprints"). The development team will implement these changes at noon every other Thursday. For the full list of items in the implementation, view our Website Release Notes

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