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Nov. 10, 2022: Website updates

We kicked off November with updates and improvements that will lead to better user experiences for those creating pages and those viewing them.

These updates and improvements included:

  • Redesigning the Accordion widget to have a dark blue look when the tab is opened.
    • This gives a more visual cue of which tab is selected and provides an overall cleaner design.
  • Updating the Interior Navigation Card widget to have a two-column view option.
    • The two-column view allows collaborators to use the Interior Navigation Card widget in the main content area of a page, eliminating the possibility of extra white space if the widget were to be used in the full width area.
  • Adding CAPTCHAs to forms created within Sitefinity.
    • CAPTCHAs are required for form security to prevent bots from submitting spam responses. 
    • Sitefinity will now automatically add a CAPTCHA to every form created once it is published.
  • Fixing the program page concentration locations dropdown. 
    • There was a bug where the location selected was not correctly showing the programs offered there.
  • Adding a two-character limit to the number of courses to calculate on the GPA calculator widget.
    • Without the limit, three-digit numbers were able to be added and the calculator would freeze while trying to compute.

For the complete list of changes, view the website release notes.

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