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Dec. 8, 2022: Website updates

December is ramping up with updates and improvements that will lead to better user experiences for those creating and viewing pages.

Overview of enhancements:

  • Redesign of Program Finder Search
    • Updated and redesigned the filters for better usability based on nine months of data.
    • Created a 'sticky' filter bar that scrolls with the page as users view the programs.
    • Updated the font colors of filter drop-downs for better visual cues of selected items.
  • Data importers re-developed
    • The following importers in the production environment have been turned back on:
      • People, Programs, Program Authorizations and Doctors.
  • Speedbumps for sidebar links in People profiles
    • Easily add sidebar links/buttons to direct users outside of
  • Added "robots noindex" meta tag to non-production environments
    • Prevents search engines from indexing pages in our other environments including dev-, stage- and test-.
  • Search improvements
    • Corrected search so that people with hyphenated names appear in search results
  • Corrected footer spacing and padding issues on tablets 

For the complete list of changes, view the website release notes.

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