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May 11, 2023: Website Updates

The Digital Strategy Team launched into May with a Sitefinity system upgrade, moving from version 14.1 to version 14.4. 

In additional to upgrading the system, the following changes were also made:

  • Table editor functions as expected.
    • Website collaborators will now be able to set up tables by using the grid of squares to assign the number of rows and columns.
  • The mobile view of tables is now more intuitive and user-friendly with the ability to scroll to side to side rather than viewing the information in a stacked view in previous Sitefinity versions.
  • Removing the requirement on thumbnail images for events.
    • By removing this requirement, collaborators no longer need to resize, optimize and upload a thumbnail image for events they add to the events calendar.
  • The mobile layout for the Story Hover Card and the Partial Image Carousel widgets was adjusted to better fit screens on all devices when they are viewed in landscape orientation.
  • Adding alternative text for the Alumni Donor Stories widget to meet accessibility standards.

Read the full list of website changes here.

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