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January 22, 2024: Website updates

The Digital Strategy Team kicked off the new year with website updates and optimizations including changes to fonts, widgets and site structure to increase page load speed. They include:

  • Optimizing the loading of pages so that text is immediately visible.
    • This was done by asynchronously loading most scripts, styles and web fonts after the text appears on screen, and a 3 second delay was also implemented before the JavaScript code for the Google search bar loads (this was done so that the user doesn't have to wait for Google to check to see if it's allowed to show ads before the rest of the page could load). Note this delay doesn't happen on the search page.
  • Updating font sizes so that the headings are smaller, and there are now multiple size gradations for each heading size to more appropriately accommodate desktop, laptop, larger or smaller tablets, and various phone sizes.
  • Updating the accordion widget text editor to include more formatting options such a bold, italic, and bulleted and numbered lists.

For the full list of updates, read the Website Release Notes page.

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