About CMU Math Placement

The CMU Math Placement is hosted by Stemify, a web-based, artificially intelligent math assessment and learning system. This placement assessment will help decide what mathematics courses to enroll in at CMU, as well as to help you prepare for your course through the use of Learning Library. 

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Who Should Take the CMU Math Placement?

All First Year or New CMU Students:

If you are just beginning your CMU journey, you are required to complete the placement assessment. 

Current CMU Students:

If you are a current CMU student who needs to decide what level of math you should take for your major, pre-requisites, etc., you should complete the assessment. 


Before Completing CMU Math Placement:

  • Be sure you are logged into Centrallink and then use the button below to access Stemify (otherwise your score will not be reported to CMU).
  • You will need to enter your CMU global ID (such as smith1aa) and password. (Please do not use your 6-digit student ID number)
  • Make sure you have paper, pencil/pen, and calculator to work out the assessment problems.
  • Before taking the CMU Math Placement, you need to answer 10 quick quiz questions to learn which assessment to take. You will find the link to the quiz on the Stemify homepage (see the Stemify Student Quick Start Guide for help)

During CMU Math Placement:

  • You will be asked approximately 33 questions.
  • You will have 180 minutes to complete the questions (you need to answer all questions at this time - do not log off during the assessment). If you do not complete the questions within that time, you will have to re-take it. 
  • You are only allowed a total of 5 attempts on the CMU (Stemify) Math Placement, including partially completed attempts.
  • Be honest about your skill level. There is no benefit to cheating on the CMU Math Placement -- this could result in you taking a class that does not match your current math level, leading to wasted time and money, and delayed degree completion. The goal of the CMU math placement is to measure your current skill level so that you will be successful in your course/s.


After CMU Math Placement:

  • Improve your score (if needed): Use the Personalized Study Plan you get after the assessment to review math concepts before retaking the CMU Math Placement. You can also use the Stemify Learning Library to practice your math skills. 
  • After completing the assessment, you will see details on the concepts you have mastered and those you have yet to master. Your placement into a math course is based on the score.
  • Your CMU Stemify Math Placement score will be automatically added to your CMU records within approximately 24 hours after completing it.
  • If you are satisfied with your math placement, no further action is required.
  • If you want to try to improve your math placement, you can take the CMU Math Placement again after 48 hours. Your highest score will be used for placement.
Your Score 
Using the table below, write in the course(s) you're eligible to take (print your results if you wish). You will discuss your results with your Academic Advisor. 

Help with Math Placement at CMU

For additional assistance with math placement, please connect with the Mathematics Assistance Center. Include your CMU global ID with all communications.

NOTE: The Department of Mathematics use pre-requisites for all MTH courses. If you believe you have met the pre-requisite for a MTH course, but are receiving a "pre-requisite is not met" registration please use the "ASK" button in Course Search and Registration.

Need technical support? Contact Stemify directly asupport@stemify.ai.