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‚ÄčTutoring is a free university service available for undergraduate students who need assistance in 100-300 level courses. 

Students experiencing difficulty in any undergraduate math class may obtain assistance at one of the walk-in Mathematics Assistance Centers.  The Writing Centers specialize in helping students with all types of writing.  Please visit the College of Science and Engineering's CSE Student Resource page for peer-assisted tutoring in Chemistry, CPS/ITS and Physics.

We also offer weekly Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses to provide students with additional opportunities to review material in classes that they may need assistance in.  Please review the SI class schedules here to see if you would benefit from attending.

Fall 2021 tutor request applications will open the first week of classes.

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I would like to apply to become a tutor.

If you would like to apply to become a tutor or are a faculty member recommending a student for a tutoring position, please click on the appropriate button below to fill out the online form.  You will need to enter your CMU login information when completing this form.

Login and password is required to fill out the form.

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Tutoring Assistance Centers around campus.

Many of our departments within the various colleges also offer walk-in/drop-in virtual tutoring.  

Please contact their office directly to review their format and delivery methods as well as the hours tutoring will be held.

Mathematics Assistance Center (MAC)

Website:  Math Assistance Center

Focus:  MTH 101 - MTH 233 & above, STA 282/382, BUS 300, PSY 211 and SOC 200

Writing Center

Website:  Writing Center

College of Science and Engineering Peer Assistance Centers

Website:  CSE Student Resources

Departmental tutoring forChemistry, CPS/ITS, Geology & Physics

Office of Academic Advising and Student Success - Tutoring Program

Ronan Hall 250             Phone:  989-774-7506      Email: