Central Michigan University has three apartment communities for students to consider.  Graduate Housing is geared toward graduate students; Kewadin Village houses students with families, graduate students, and non-traditional students; and Northwest Apartments is home to single undergraduate students.

Please contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@cmich.edu, 989-774-3111, or by fax at 989-774-6410 if you have any questions.

Graduate Housing (furnished)

Includes Utilities, Air Conditioning, Washer/Dryer, and Internet

 Semester RateDue Date
One Bedroom$4,006.00October 1, 2021
Two Bedroom$2,748.00October 1, 2021
Four Bedroom
$2,008.00October 1, 2021

Kewadin Village

Includes Utilities, Telephone, and Internet

 Semester RateDue Date
One Bedroom-Furnished$2,990.00October 1, 2021
One Bedroom-Unfurnished$2,890.00October 1, 2021
Two Bedroom-Furnished$3,282.00October 1, 2021
Two Bedroom-Unfurnished$3,180.00October 1, 2021
Three Bedroom-Furnished$3,630.00October 1, 2021
Three Bedroom-Unfurnished$3,530.00October 1, 2021

Northwest Apartments (furnished)*

Includes Utilities, Telephone, and Internet

 Semester RateDue Date
One Bedroom$3,034.00 October 1, 2021
Two Bedroom$2,224.00
October 1, 2021

*The first housing payment of $350.00 is due June 1, 2021.