CMU Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center Mission:

To provide students the opportunity to serve their community, enhance their
educational experiences and
 develop into caring citizens

The Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center is dedicated to developing active citizenship among CMU students by providing unique and dynamic programs, coordinating civic engagement efforts and facilitating networking among service leaders across campus.  The Volunteer Center seeks to uphold one of Central Michigan University's institutional priorities to "develop and strengthen learning experiences through collaboration with local, national and global partners to enhance cultural awareness, the natural environment, health and wellness, and local economies."

​Located in the Bovee UC Room 106

Hours: 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday

Email: volunteer.center@cmich.edu

The Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center offers a variety of opportunities and services for:


Global Campus Students

Registered Student Organizations

Faculty and Staff

Community Partners

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VOLUNTEERS ARE CENTRAL: Nominate a student volunteer, student organization, staff or faculty member to be recognized for their service:

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