TimeClock Plus


CMU's new time and attendance system. We will continue to update this page as information becomes available. Stay tuned for a list of Training dates and FAQ's

Q. What is TimeClock Plus?              

A. It is a time and attendance system that will be replacing Timelink.  TimeClock Plus is an industry-leading workforce management software provider.  For more than 30 years, TimeClock Plus has delivered best-in-class time and attendance solutions.  Today, over 60,000 customers trust TimeClock Plus' software, hardware, services, and support to track employee time and attendance. To find out more visit:  http://www.timeclockplus.com.

Q. Why are we getting a new time and attendance system?

A.  Our current system, TimeLink, was bought by another company several years ago and that system is at end-of-life and the software will no longer be supported.  There are no upgrades or other options available. We are looking forward to bringing some new technology and features to campus with TimeClock Plus.  

Q. Who will use TimeClock Plus?      

A. All benefit eligible employees will use the new time and attendance system as well as all student and temporary hourly employees.

Q. Will training be provided?

A. Yes, employees will be trained prior to transitioning to TimeClock Plus based on their role and responsibility. 

Q. Do I need to do anything right now?

A. Not at this time; employees will be given more information in the coming weeks and training on TimeClock Plus in the coming months.

Q. What differences will we see in the new system? 

A.  These are just a few of the exciting features available in TimeClock Plus:

  • Multiple Browser options.
  • New enhanced time clocks that allow students /temps and service maintenance employees to see their time records at the clock.
  • Barcodes will not be required for students or temporary employees.  They will now be prompted at clock in to select from a list of tasks they are hired for.  This will clean up the look of the time clock area and make it easier for students and temporary employees to clock in.
  • Employees will have the ability to submit time requests at the clock or from their desktop. Once approved by supervisor, the time will load directly to a timecard with no additional approval needed.
  • Employees who have missed punches will be prompted to correct those punches themselves the next time they try to punch in or out.
  • Email notifications and approvals are available when employees are requesting leave time.
  • Accrual leave time balances will be available at the clock, desktop or via' mobile app.
  • Mobile app clocking (with supervisor approval).
  • Enhanced reporting