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Coming Soon - TimeClock Plus


The payroll office has been working over the summer configuring a new time and attendance system, TimeClock Plus. We will be converting employees to the new system in the coming months and are excited to bring a number of new features to campus.

With a new system comes new processes and many questions. Over the next few months, the payroll office will roll out training sessions and further communications to ensure all employees are fully trained before the conversion takes place. To help with any initial questions you may have, please see the FAQs shown below. Keep an eye out for further communications on this topic.

Q. What is TimeClock Plus?

A. It is a time and attendance system that will be replacing Timelink. TimeClock Plus is an industry-leading workforce management software provider. For more than 30 years, TimeClock Plus has delivered best-in-class time and attendance solutions. Today, over 60,000 customers trust TimeClock Plus' software, hardware, services, and support to track employee time and attendance. To find out more visit:http://www.timeclockplus.com.

Q. Why are we getting a new time and attendance system?

A. Our current system, TimeLink, was bought by another company several years ago and that system is at end-of-life and the software will no longer be supported. There are no upgrades or other options available. We are looking forward to bringing some new technology and features to campus with TimeClock Plus.

Q. Who will use TimeClock Plus?

A. All benefit eligible employees will use the new time and attendance system as well as all student and temporary hourly employees.

Q. Will training be provided?

A. Yes, employees will be trained prior to transitioning to TimeClock Plus based on their role and responsibility.

Do I need to do anything right now?

A. Not at this time; employees will be given more information in the coming weeks and training on TimeClock Plus in the coming months.

Q. What differences will we see in the new system?

A. These are just a few of the exciting features available in TimeClock Plus: 

  • New time clocks across the university.
  • Multiple Browser options.
  • New enhanced time clocks that allow students /temps and service maintenance employees to see their time records at the clock.
  • Barcode scanning replaced with streamlined drop-down menu of applicable tasks for students and temporary employees.
  • Employees will have the ability to submit time requests at the clock, mobile or desktop. Once approved by supervisor, the time will load directly to a timecard with no additional approval needed.
  • The clock will prompt the employee to correct their missing punch entries themselves at next use.
  • Time records and leave balances viewable at the clock, desktop or mobile device.
  • Mobile app clocking (with supervisor approval).
  • Enhanced reporting

Q. How do I get access to the new time and attendance system?

 A.  All benefit eligible employees, graduate assistants, temporary employees and student employees will automatically be set up with access into the system; no action is required by the employee to gain access.  You will use your global ID and password to sign in.  If you currently have approver access in Timelink, you will be given the same access in TimeClock Plus with the exception of approving your own time.  In addition, all supervisors will automatically be set up with a user account and will have access to the employees that report directly to them.  Any new requests for approver access will need to complete a User Request form.  When we go live with the new system, if you are missing employees you should have access to, please send an email to payroll@cmich.edu.

Q. Will there be any changes to the way time records are approved?

A. Yes, there will be changes which will now prevent employees from approving their own time records.  It will be very important that departments have at least two employees who are designated approvers in the system.    When approving temporary and student employee time records, you will only be approving the time that the employee worked for your department.  For example, if a student employee works for two departments, you will be able to view all the time records but when correcting errors and approving time, you will only have access to the records for your department.

Q. How long will I still have access to run reports in Timelink?

A. You will have access to look up information and run reports in Timelink until July 1, 2020.  After that time, you will need to contact the Payroll Office to help you with the needed information.

Q. If my employees use a mobile device, how will I know where they are punching in?

A.  Supervisors can view the general location of all punches by double clicking a shift while viewing hours.  Employees must be on campus within the established geofence in order to punch in and out.  In addition, the employee must have GPS services turned on in order to use the Mobile Clock.

Q. How do I view my leave accrual balances?

A. On the Web clock dashboard, select View then Accruals in order to see your entire leave accrual bank.  Complete instructions (including screenshots) can be found in the training manuals.

Q. Will I be able to review my current and previous years' time records?

A.  You will only be able to see time records from the date we began using the system forward.

Q. We have used a departmental staff member to enter exception/leave time for faculty and staff. Will we be able to continue this process?

A. Yes, departments may choose to continue this process.  The system is very user friendly and all employees have access to submit the requests themselves in advance; this may be a good time to start having your employees input their own exception/leave time.

Implementation of the new time system, TimeClock Plus, includes installation of new time clocks.  TimeClock Plus offers alternatives to punching at a physical clock: web clock on a desktop, device with browser access or mobile app access.  Due to alternate methods available to record time, the number of clocks will be reduced. 

The link above includes the full list of clocks being replaced, removed and/or relocated.  If clocks are being removed from a location your employees use, please plan to communicate to them, they will need to use an alternate location or method for recording time. 

Actual dates of clock removal and installation information will be communicated closer to go-live.  Questions or issues?  Please contact the Payroll Office at payroll@cmich.edu.  

TimeClock Plus – Employee Training

Learn how to record your own time in the new time and attendance system, TimeClock Plus.  This training is targeted for salaried (semi-monthly) and hourly (bi-weekly) employees who record exception time only.  If you are responsible for approving or entering time for more than just yourself, please choose to attend the supervisor/department appointed approver training instead; the employee training will also be incorporated in that session.  If you do not enter your own time in the system, you do not need to attend training.  You can click the link to view the EMPLOYEE GUIDE - MAINTAIN OWN TIME CARD.


Employee – How to enter your own time in TimeClock Plus

January 15, 9-10am

January 16, 1-2pm

January 17, 10-11am

January 20, 9-10am

January 21, 2-3 pm


TimeClock Plus – Supervisor and/or Department Appointed Approver Training

This training will cover how to manage time entries for your direct reports and/or your department.  You will learn how to review, enter, correct and approve time records as well as how to correct exceptions.  We will cover how to set up filters to see different groups of employees as well as what approvals are needed in the system to meet the payroll deadlines.   You can click the link to view the SUPERVISOR-DEPARTMENT APPROVER GUIDE.


Supervisor and Department Appointed Approver – How to add, edit and manage time records for your employees or your department. 

January 15, 1-2:30

January 16, 10-11:30

January 17, 2-3:30

January 20, 10-11:30

January 21, 10-11:30

Sign up for training below:


then go to "current campus training" to find the scheduled dates and times. 

TimeClock Plus Learning Labs.  We have set aside two days of open lab hours in the Woldt classroom. You can drop in anytime during the hours set aside for hands on training when approving your payroll that is due by 4pm on January 28th.

January 27th      1:00pm - 4:00pm

January 28th      9:00am - Noon