Fund Study Abroad

​​​​​Studying abroad doesn't have to be expensive! There are many options available for students to cut costs and help pay for expenses.Select the right program for your budgetOur program costs vary greatly based on duration, accommodation type, cost of living in the host country, etc. When you meet with the study abroad advisor, you'll be given a cost sheet depending on which program you're interested in.Your study abroad advisor can help you select a program that fits your budget. If cost is an important factor in your program choice, be sure to ask your advisor about our tuition exchange and other low-cost programs. With the tuition exchange program, you pay regular CMU tuition and fees, just as if you were staying on campus. In addition, the Office of Study Abroad offers a number of low-cost programs. To ensure that you have sufficient funding for your study abroad program fees and related expenses, you can complete the  How much money do I have.xlsx worksheet to review your finances.Talk to a financial aid advisorMost financial aid you receive through CMU can be used to pay for your study abroad costs. Your study abroad advisor will give you a program budget sheet to help you apply for financial aid at CMU. You may even qualify for additional aid because airfare, passport and visa costs are included in your expenses! See the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid's website for more information or schedule an appointment with a financial aid advisor.