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OIT 2014 Annual Report

​The OIT 2014 Annual Report can be found here​.

Created: 9/23/2014 5:35 PM
Effective phishing attempt

​An effective phishing attempt has been circulating CMU's email system.  While it can quickly be spotted as phishing due to the sender's address and some inconsistencies within the message, the message does use some CMU email-specific terminology that might inititally cause it to appear legitimate.

Please see below for the offending message:

Subject: Warning!

This is an automatic message by system to let you know that you have to confirm your account information. An Attempt has been made to login from a new computer, You might not be able to send or receive new mail until you re-validate your mailbox .To re-validate your mailbox.-

 Click Or Open this link to VERIFY your Account: http://c​as-cmich-edu-administrator.[removed]/

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation,
Subscriber! CMU Customer Care
Case number: 8949824
Property: Account Security
Copyright Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859

Created: 7/29/2014 10:26 AM
Fraudulent grant offer emails

​A phishing scam indicating that the recipient may be eligible for a $400 grant is circulating campus.  This is a part of a check cashing scheme meant to ​scam money from the recipient.  If you receive any such messages, please delete them immediately.

Created: 10/30/2013 11:04 AM
Blackboard phishing scam resurfaces

A variety of phishing emails claiming to be from Blackboard have been circulating CMU's email system.  These messages can be identified because they carry a different appearance from regular announcements from CMU's Blackboard system.  Please be especially cautious of any messages you receive from Blackboard that do not appear to be legitimate.  If you wish to verify the legitimacy of any messages you receive, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 989.774.3662, by email at, or click here to chat with a Help Desk representative.

Created: 9/25/2013 3:18 PM
Student and alumni email conversion completed

​The final 17,000 student and alumni email accounts were moved out of the old CMail system over this past weekend. Email is now working for all CMU students and alumni and can be accessed directly by clicking the email icon in CentralLink’s top bar.

If you encounter any issues when emailing your students, this is no longer symptomatic of the account conversion. Please report any problems to the OIT Help Desk at 989.774.3662 or via email at so that we can address any issues individually.

Created: 8/20/2013 2:08 PM
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