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Faculty Success by Watermark

Login information

The simplest way to access Faculty Success is to login to CentralLink/My Account and search for "Faculty Success by Watermark (Workflow and OFIS)" from the list under Academics. The User Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and OFIS Help documents provide information on entering your curriculum vitae information into the Faculty Success and reports that can be generated. 

What is Faculty Success by Watermark (OFIS)?

Faculty Success is a secured database populated with useful faculty data. Using information entered from your curriculum vitae, Faculty Success is able to generate detailed reports useful for many purposes including internal and external grant applications, annual reports for submission to your college dean, and vitae in a variety of formats. Once your CV is entered into the system, the procedure for creating reports is simple: log on, enter your data, select the report you need from a dropdown menu, then save and/or print it. You will quickly discover the value of a system that requires your CV data to be entered only one time to meet a multitude of needs. 


  • Faculty Success provides CMU with an array of reports generated to serve many administrative and personal purposes.
  • Most users will quickly discover the value of a system that reduces time spent creating vita, grant proposals, annual reports, and other records of your scholarly accomplishments.
  • This tool has the ability to produce individual faculty-level, department-level, college-level, or institution-level reports in a matter of seconds, based entirely on the user’s preferences. You will only need to input your data once rather than reformatting and submitting your data multiple times each semester.  It is important to review and update your data occasionally.
  • The procedure for creating reports is simple: log on, enter data, and generate reports.
  • Custom reports can be developed in the system. You will notice that reports have already been created that are specific to CMU. In addition, reports can designate a specific time period (e.g., the last five years).