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Change to Verizon services

The services agreement between the State of Michigan and Verizon Wireless has been updated, affecting some CONNECT CMU plans and services. Here are some important updates to note :

New Verizon 5G plan at lower cost

A new unlimited smartphone plan will be available soon and will replace the current plan, priced at $55.25 per month. The Verizon 5G Unlimited Smartphone Plan offers more than a $5 savings at $49.99 per month and access to Verizon Ultra Wideband, where the service is available. As this does not negatively impact existing plan features or contract terms, we will work with Verizon to update plans to reflect the new monthly price.

Contract and eligibility terms increase

The contract initiated by device purchases will increase to 24 months, and you will be eligible to upgrade every 18 months. This is an increase from the previous 12-month contract and 10-month eligibility. However, please note that this change will not affect your current contracts. The new terms will be effective when you purchase your next device. 

We understand this change is significant, but we are confident that 18-month eligibility remains competitive with other carriers and Verizon service solutions.

Device discounts remain

Significant savings on device purchases remain available. Most device discounts exceed $400. 

PhoneMarket Price1CMU Price2
iPhone 14 128GB$699.99$49.99
Galaxy S24 128GB$799.99$49.99
Pixel 8 128GB$499.99$49.99

Retailers will typically charge a monthly rate for phone purchases over 24 to 36 months until the phone is paid off.

One-time price applicable with a 2-year contract.

Questions and answers

    No. Your contract and upgrade eligibility dates will remain the same until you purchase a new device.

    Most bills and detail statements will remain unchanged.

    When the new 5G unlimited plan becomes available, we will work with Verizon to update plans to reflect the new monthly price of $49.99. The new price is a decrease from $55.25. The change will not negatively impact existing plan features or contract terms. We will contact you with additional information if you will be impacted by this change.

    The new unlimited plan has the same feature allowances: unlimited voice, messaging, data, and mobile hotspot.

    All Verizon plans are subject to throughput limits or throttling during times of network congestion.

    After 22 GB of data usage on a line during any billing cycle, usage may be prioritized behind other customers in the event of 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide network area congestion for lines active on the new 5G unlimited plan. This is an increase from 10 GB of data usage on the previous unlimited plan.

    If the 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide Mobile Hotspot domestic data usage exceeds 10 GB on any line in any given billing cycle, Verizon Wireless will limit the data throughput speeds to up to 600 Kbps for additional domestic mobile hotspot usage for the remainder of the then-current billing cycle for the line that exceeds the data usage.

    The cost of the 0-minute and 500-minute plans remain the same under the new contract. You do not have to make any changes.

    If you currently use the 4G unlimited plan at $55.25/month, we will begin working with Verizon to get your plan updated as soon as possible. We will contact you once we have an effective date to share.

    The current $55.25/month plan will no longer be available, but we do not have a date to share at this time.

    The new contract and eligibility terms will be effective the next time you purchase a new device. Your current terms will remain the same until then.

    5G Ultra Wideband is Verizon's highest-performing 5G, and the latest generation of mobile network technology.

    Learn more about Verizon 5G

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