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About the Counseling Center

Staffed by licensed mental health professionals and graduate level trainees, the Counseling Center is here to minimize the disruption to learning caused by mental health concerns. The Counseling Center is part of the Division of Student Affairs. 

    Counseling Center professional staff are highly trained to support students by providing counseling services and programs that enable the development of skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are essential for personal growth, successful academic progress, and student effectiveness. 

    To deliver quality Counseling Center services that enhance the CMU community, facilitate personal growth and wellbeing, support inclusivity and diversity, and promote student engagement and success. ​

    The Counseling Center supports the teaching, research, and service missions of the university by:

    • Providing excellent service to the university community.
    • Ensuring continual staff professional development.
    • Working cooperatively with campus partners to deliver courteous and effective services to students.
    • Valuing equity and understanding the richness of diversity within the university community, the unique needs of its special populations, and by continually evaluating and advancing the services to these populations.
    • Maintaining an atmosphere of open communication, mutual trust, respect, and support in which individuals can achieve their full potential.

    • To confidentiality.
    • To ask questions and be informed about the nature of counseling and the Counseling Center's services.
    • To withdraw the consent to receive services at any time.
    • To be treated with respect for your personal dignity, autonomy, and privacy.
    • Not to be discriminated against because of your age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, size, disability, socioeconomic status, or any other visible or invisible differences.
    • To request a different counselor than the one assigned to you.
    • To terminate counseling at any time.
    • To a defined counseling goal mutually decided upon by you and your counselor.
    • To be informed if your counselor is ill or for other reasons unable to meet with you.
    • To be referred to another helping professional if you desire or if your concerns go beyond our expertise or Scope of Practice.

    • To inform the Counseling Center as soon as possible if you cannot meet your appointment time.
    • To be on time for appointments with your counselor.
    • To express honestly your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the counseling process.
    • To be actively involved in the counseling process by identifying your concerns and working on them both in and between sessions.
    • To tell your counselor if you wish to terminate the counseling or wish to request a different counselor.

    ​The information you share in counseling is privileged and confidential. Counselors consult with one another as needed to assist students. A signed Consent for Release of Privileged Information form is required to disclose any information about the counseling you have received to a third party. There are exceptions to confidentiality. If you are under 18, discuss with your counselor how this may impact some aspects of confidentiality. Your counselor is required to report disclosed information to the appropriate authorities:

    1. When serious and foreseeable harm to you or others is evident;
    2. When release of confidential information is required by court order or requested by you;
    3. When child abuse or neglect is evident or suspected;
    4. When abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults who are vulnerable due to physical or mental impairment or advanced age is evident or suspected.
    ​The Counseling Center is required to keep records of your contacts with us. Client information is stored securely in an electronic medical record. Clients may review their file by making this request in advance and reviewing it with a counselor.

    Commuter Student Parking

    Parking is available in Lot 27 on Preston Street east of Park Library, and Lot 33N on East Campus Drive east of Moore Hall and the Music Building. Parking permits are required in all commuter lots. Students may also utilize the parking spots designated for Health Services in the parking areas around Foust Hall. Pango is also available in Lot 27.

    Campus Map

    Single-stall restrooms are located on the first floor at the west end of the building. 

    When the university is closed or classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, the Counseling Center will also be closed. See our 24-hour resources for emergency assistance. The Counseling Center will make every effort to reschedule any missed appointments. Please work with us when the Counseling Center reopens to reschedule your appointment.

    Please refer to the Human Resource's website for details and possible current university job opportunities.

    Human Resources


    Practicum/Internship opportunities

    The Counseling Center offers a practicum/internship opportunity for graduate level students in counseling, psychology and social work. Although specific Counseling Center requirements must be met, each student's graduate program requirements are unique and will be honored when possible.

    Students selected for a practicum/internship will function as a member of the team. Students will receive individual supervision as well as participate in team case consultation, staff meetings, and professional development.

    Application procedure

    Individuals wishing to apply for a practicum/internship experience must submit appropriate materials to the Counseling Center. Please contact the Counseling Center with questions.

    The Counseling Center welcomes your comments and suggestions concerning the services we provide. Please discuss any questions or concerns about your counseling or the Counseling Center with your counselor, the Counseling Center Executive Director; Melissa Hutchinson, or Vice President for Student Affairs; Dr. Renee' Watson (989) 774-3346. Formal complaints about a counselor may be made to the state licensing board: State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, BPL/Investigations and Inspections, Division P.O. Box 30670, Lansing MI 48909-8170, Phone: (517) 373-9196.