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Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra


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    Full Playlist: The Ultra Gradebook

    • Introduction to the Ultra Gradebook (5:38) - Begin your exploration of the Ultra Gradebook and learn the difference between Grid View and List View, how to organize the Gradebook, and master the basics of the Gradebook
    • Gradebook Default Settings Explained (2:54) - Understanding the Gradebook default settings will help accurately interpret a student's academic standing in the course
    • Explore the List View of the Ultra Gradebook (12:21) - Exploration of the List View of the Ultra Gradebook, including a review of the Gradable Items and Students tab
    • Exploring the Grid of the Ultra Gradebook (4:59) - Exploration of the Grid View of the Ultra Gradebook, including manually adding a Graded Column, accessing the Student Overview Page, and adding a calculation
    • The Student Overview Page (6:30) -Tour of the Student Overview Page showing an individual student's performance and activity level in the course
    • Managing the Gradebook (15:12) - Learn pertinent functions and configuration of the Gradebook such as insight on Grading Schemas, setting Student Performance Thresholds, Grading Categories, and the Overall Grade Column, creating a Gradebook Notation, and Submission Receipts
    • Grading and Grading Tasks (14:30) - In this video, we will demonstrate the ways submitted work can be identified and accessed for grading and how grading is completed in Ultra including grading by student, grading by question, grading group work, and grading discussions
    • Grading Actions (5:36) - Learn how to complete common Gradebook activities such as posting grades, clearing an attempt, overriding a grade, or re-grading questions
    • Additional Grading Options (4:39) - Learn about additional grading options of Parallel (2 or more graders) and Anonymous Grading (grading submissions without seeing the student name)

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