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Academic Systems Support - Watermark

CMU is committed to providing a robust academic systems infrastructure to support curriculum management, program-level assessment management, course surveys, and activity reporting. In Fall 2020, CMU expanded the use of technologies from the Watermark Insights suite of products with the goal of strengthening, streamlining, and integrating institutional processes so we continue to have the educational intelligence needed to make informed decisions that improve student and institutional outcomes. 

Access to all applicable Watermark Insights products is based on user role and is available through CMU single sign-on.  

For assistance with all Watermark products, contact

    Implementation of Curriculum Strategy, the curriculum management tool from Watermark, was initiated in 2021 and launched in August 2022 through collaborative academic community efforts. (CMICH login required)

    Guides for navigating and using Curriculum Strategy are available to faculty and administrators through the Curriculum Strategy Teams site(CMICH login required):

    Support and Assistance
    Training PowerPoints/Training Recordings
    How-to Videos


    Access Curriculum Strategy

    Implementation of Watermark’s assessment management system, Planning and Self Study, launched in Fall 2023. More information about this system is available under Assessment Information and Resources.  

    The following training materials for Planning and Self-Study are available to faculty and administrators through the Planning and Self-Study Sharepoint site(CMICH login required):

    Step-by-Step Guides
    How-To Videos
    Assessment Support Information

    Access Planning and Self-Study

    Watermark’s Course Evaluations & Surveys (CES) system launched during Fall 2020. In Fall 2023, by Academic Senate vote, the End of Course Survey (ECS) replaced the Student Opinion Survey (SOS). Reports for previous instruments may still be accessed; email for information.

    CES System resources, guides, and how-to videos are available through the CMU Course Evaluation & Survey ResourcesSharePoint and the CMU Knowledge Base (CMICH login required).

    Access Course Evaluations & Surveys

    The Syllabus Build Tool (SBT) manages all teaching syllabi for courses taught online or at one of CMU's off-campus satellite centers.  The SBT is designed to ensure alignment with CMU’s Master Course Syllabi, provide a structure for communicating all necessary course components, collect and retain all syllabi in one centralized system, and consistently communicate both academic expectations and support services to students. 

    There are many tutorials available to guide you in using the Syllabus Build Tool.  All tutorials are accessed through the CMU Knowledge Base.

    Access Syllabus Build Tool (SBT)