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Explore Teaching and Learning

CMU’s first strategic imperative, Nurturing Student Success, appropriately places crucial importance on the teaching and learning endeavor and tasks us to ‘enhance infrastructure’ in support. The collection of resources, services, and opportunities in the ‘Explore Teaching and Learning’ is designed to be of value to all CMU educators. We understand the importance of teaching and have identified and categorized content in four key areas to support your effort to create engaging learning for CMU’s students, now and in the future.

Design an Effective Course - We've identified several areas one might consider when setting out to design an effective course or class.

Establish a Productive Learning Environment - Once you’ve laid out your course/class design, you will implement your design and related lesson plans in a classroom, learning management system, or other instructional space.

Explore Instructional Methods - Many educators leverage a blend of methods that align with their epistemological framework across instruction. Though no method is innately "good" or "bad," there are methods that tend to have a higher impact on learner engagement and learning.

Select or Develop Materials or Tools - We offer a multitude of information related to instructional materials and technology tools. In this area of our site, we detail some of these options at an introductory level, offering links to learn more.

Teaching and Learning Services and Resources - We support educator development in a variety of ways. We can facilitate a student survey to assist in gathering feedback, observe teaching, consult on a variety of teaching and learning issues, and offer advanced support in the University's learning systems.